Get Paid $2,500 To Quit Social Media for 25 Days

Could you quit all social media for 25 days? According to 10 WBNS, a company called All Home Connections is going to pay someone $2,500 to do just that.

The Social Media Detox Challenge is intended to encourage healthy social media habits, including balancing screen time with other activities. All Home Connections describes the program as follows:

To encourage healthy use of social media, the team at All Home Connections will reward one lucky applicant with a $2,500 cash prize for pausing their social media use for 25 days. We’ll also ask the winner to set activity goals for their detox and use a mood tracker to reflect on the experience.

In addition to the $2,500, the chosen challenger will receive a swag bag full of goodies to encourage other activities...instant-print camera, journal, books, board games, baking supplies.

The detoxee will have to take the following four steps...

  • Step 1: Spend five days tracking their mood while using social media as normal
  • Step 2: For 25 days, delete social media apps from their phone and tablet
  • Step 3: For those 25 days, set goals and work on them regularly -- continue tracking their mood and activities on the provided app and task sheet
  • Step 4: At the end of the month, share how the detox affected them in a short write-up or video

Registration is open until Monday, October 25th. Get more info and find out how to sign up here.

Photo: Getty Images

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