Hearts Alive Village To Take Part In Today's "Giving Tuesday"

Hearts Alive Village is participating in today's Giving Tuesday Day of Global Action. Here is all the information regarding today's initiative:

Grateful for matching gift
Hearts Alive Village is pleased to announce they will be taking part in the Giving Tuesday Day of Global Action for Giving and Unity in Response to COVID-19 on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. This global day of action will rally people across the globe to continue helping those in need as we battle this pandemic. During the last Giving Tuesday on Dec. 3, 2019 more than $2 billion was raised and millions were inspired to help others and give to those in need. During these challenging times, this additional Giving Day was added.
“We are extremely fortunate that our anonymous matching Village donor has agreed to match each dollar we receive up to $20,000.00 during the May 5 Giving Tuesday event,” said Christy Stevens, Executive Director and Founder of Hearts Alive Village. “In addition to the generosity of this amazing donor we are also proud to say that all the dollars raised will go to our Village Fund which provides medical care for pets in need of such services,’ added Stevens. The funds raised on Giving Tuesday will go directly to save animals whose owners cannot afford their lifesaving treatments.
Hearts Alive Village is encouraging everyone to dig a little deeper and participate in Giving Tuesday on May 5, 2020 no matter which worthwhile cause they support. “Should they choose to support us, it is important they know that their donation will go twice as far and be used for this special initiative which is so greatly needed during this time,” said Stevens.
To give to Hearts Alive Village on May 5 during Giving Tuesday, please go to heartsalivevillage.org/medical-fund.