Army Vet Will Takeover The Mountain!

Jeffrey Roy

We got this amazing letter from retired SGT First Class Jeff Roy and we knew we wanted to do something special to honor him and thank him for listening to The Mountain.  After talking with Jeff we decided that we wanted to give him control of the station.  So Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day, Jeff takes control of The Mountain.  He's chosen all of the songs that will play during our Commercial Free Mountain Takeover starting at 7:30AM (Pacific Time).

Before you read his note, please know that Jeff has been working on a project to help homeless Veterans and we would encourage you to consider a donation to the cause.  Jeff recognized the need among homeless Vets for hammocks, food and phone calls so he started this GoFundMe called Hammocks4Heroes. And if you want to help Jeff with his upcoming move to Las Vegas, you can donate here.

Jeff's letter ...

My name is Jeff Roy I am a disabled combat vet, let's just say my hummer hit a landmine and things didn't go so we'll. I get around ok now but have been recovering for the past 3 years in my home in Florida. I had my foot amputated, pins in my knees, replaced hip, and back pain that will never go away. So my story starts by getting iHeartRadio, there were 3 stations I had saved KKLZ, The Point and 93-1 The Mountain. I started with KKLZ for a week but it was missing keeping my attention. The Point, classic rock, it's cool but it's all classic rock. Sorry but you were 3rd yet the best. I decided months ago I wanted to move to Las Vegas, I had been there a couple times before but never really took it all in. This time i went to make a final decision "do i want to live here" and after going last week there was no doubt YES. I have been listening to you on iHeartRadio the months leading up to me going. I got my rental car and my bluetooth was packed away so i just turned on the radio, 93.1 was already playing so I know you have at least 2 people listening lol. So i got up the next day to go house hunting {rent} for now till i find "THE" house for me. So i plugged in my bluetooth but realized you're on the real radio I FELT LIKE A LOCAL. Now with that said I have a favorite song which i only heard once in those 2 months but low and behold you played it while i was in Vegas. That song is Tom Sawyer that was deciding factor in staying with you, long as you play it i will listen to whatever you play. I love your station and have been texting the mounds of cash contest with NO LUCK. I think it only takes 1 text and not hundreds from one number cause that's what i did, mainly because i really needed to win. It was going towards my rental truck and trailer for my mustang cause i didn't realize it would cost $6,000. I have my deposits and rent but that was overwhelming. I always pulled over 5 after and texted because i was looking for rentals and had time and really needed that money. I need to move for health reasons, the humidity here is too much for me i can handle heat but not being suffocated. I google lowest humidity in the U.S. was and it was Vegas then Phoenix and i don't want to live there. I missed a lot of my life being in the Army 24 years and now i'm 50 and know my time is slowly creeping up on me. So i'm doing bucket list stuff and doing and seeing as much as i can like going to ZION nat'l park it was AMAZING top 3 things i have ever done. I don't know when i'll be there because i live on disability and VA doesn't see my humidity issue reason to assist me. I want to thank you for your station you will always have a dedicated listener as a local when i get there and when i'm there look back at my struggle to get there. I am back now in South Florida suffocating in 90% humidity. Once again keep up the great work. I like you better on iHeartRadio cause i like thumbs up thumbs down which you actually update people on never heard another station do that and i like that on your station i can save the song KKLZ doesn't which has allowed me to get about 600 songs so far in my playlist.



Take care and continued success.

Jeff RoyU.S. Army (Ret)

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David Black

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