NFLPA Looking To Soften NFL Policy On Marijuana

As the United States takes a more chill attitude toward marijuana, it seems some other dudes are coming around as well.

The NFL.

And it’s high time they did—sorry it was too easy.

I mean seriously, for all the terrible things athletes have been accused of and showed up on the playing field the next day, how ridiculous is it that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is currently serving an indefinite ban for repeated marijuana violations? All this, while Greg Hardywas accused of nearly beating a woman to death and was playing football a season later.

Well, now it now appears that the NFL Players Association is looking into softening the league’s policy against marijuana as NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith recently told the “Washington Post” that the union is seeking a “less punitive” substance abuse policy relating to medical marijuana.

“We will sit down and we will present a proposal to our board. If our board approves the proposal, we’ll sit down with the league and we will make the proposal to them,” says Smith. “If we think that this is medically, scientifically and therapeutically the right position, then we tell the league, Therapeutically, medically and scientifically, this is the right position.”

And really it not only makes sense—it should cut down on confusion considering there are now eight states—including California which currently hosts four NFL franchises where it’s legal to partake in “recreational” use.

Seems like the league needs to come around.

Source: Washington Post

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David Black

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