David Black

David Black

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, David Black has been in radio for 25 years. He has worked in Minnesota, North Dakota and Colorado and now Las Vegas. He has a wonderful family with wife Leah, 16 year old son Jade and 11 year old daughter Kaiya. 

"It’s amazing how children change you" he says. Being from Minnesota, David is a big fan of MN sports and is super excited that hockey is now in Vegas. "I'm from the State Of Hockey, we're born with skates on our feet". David is a big fan of all types of music, movies and sports. He says "I think having a wide range of interests makes it easier to go through life. I feel bad for people that like only one style of music or are only football fans. They are just limiting themselves." 

Outside of radio David has done many things. One highlight is being the stage manager/lighting director for The Commitments tour. "One of the craziest and most fun times of my life. I got to see a lot of the United States and met some very interesting people. I even met my father for the first time because of it."



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