Area 51 Celebration at Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

Las Vegas phone home! The time has come to sit back, share a beer, and talk all things aliens. Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is partnering with Collective Zoo and Bud Light to host an out-of-this-world evening of top-secret entertainment on Thursday, September 19.

Come in peace, we have everything you need to make this celebration a blowout, including a classified lineup of music artists specially curated by Collective Zoo. Doors for the event open at 7 p.m. and the secret sets will launch at 8 p.m. The public event is free to all beings 21 earth years or older.

In an act of desert debauchery, Bud Light will be giving away interstellar swag all evening. For one night only, space invaders can purchase a bucket of limited-edition Area 51 Bud Light beers to receive a free commemorative t-shirt. For more information about the event, visit