Local Used Bookstore Amber Unicorn Books Looks To Save Its 40 Year History

Locally-owned used bookstore, Amber Unicorn Books, is wanting to keep its doors open. Lou and Myrna Donato opened the store almost 40 years ago and it is located on Decatur between Sahara and Oakey. The shopping plaza used to house Trader Joe's, but after the grocery store moved to the northern part of Las Vegas, Amber Unicorn Books noticed a decrease in patronage without a larger store anchoring the area.

A GoFundMe has been started to help keep the store open. According to the organizer (store owner Myrna Donato):

This GoFundMe campaign is a humble appeal to the beloved customers, friends, and patrons, and to all who realize that every community needs a bookstore like Amber Unicorn in order to thrive. Any contribution is very much appreciated and will go towards the operating expenses and the endeavor to keep Amber Unicorn a place where people come to engage their imaginations and knowledge. 

CLICK HERE to head to the GoFundMe page, learn more about the store, and donate!

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