Port of Subs To Award $5,000 Scholarship To Local High School Students

Port of Subs has announced the Port of Subs Scholarship Fund which will grant one local high school student a $5,000 college scholarship and give three other students free sandwiches for one year! “Port of Subs is a Nevada born company and we want to support the future of this community, a scholarship fund seemed like a great way to accomplish that,” said Mike Adams, Vice President of the Las Vegas Port of Subs Coop.

In order to win the $5,000 college scholarship, a student must create a thirty second Port of Subs commercial or promotional video. All submissions will be viewed by the Port of Subs Scholarship Board and 4 finalists will be chosen. The finalists and winner will be announced on July 8, 2019.

“This scholarship will put creativity to the test. So many scholarships are geared towards academics: essays, tests, GPA scores. This scholarship is all about a student's unique thought and creative process,” stated Adams. “Focusing on creativity opens up those that can apply and makes this inclusive of all high school students. Anyone with a smart phone can enter,” joked Adams.

The contest launches today and entries will be accepted through July 4th with the winner being announced on July 8th.

For complete details for the Port of Subs Scholarship Fund, applicants can visit portofsubsscholarship.com or stop in to any Port of Subs location.

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