Hydroponics Bring Fresh Local Produce To Las Vegas Year Round

Hydroponic indoor farming facilities have popped up all over Las Vegas the past few years. A new one, Evercress Produce from Oasis Biotech, offers non-GMO, pesticide-free locally grown produce. Their system recycles 100% of the water. The facility uses a state-of-the-art LED lighting technology and is one of the largest indoor vertical farming facilities of its kind.

Hydroponics can offer an alternative to traditional farming in the Las Vegas valley by use of technology. According to their website:

Our vertical agricultural technology and platforms allow us to grow crops at a faster rate than traditional agriculture. Our proven LED and hydroponic systems ensure crops receive optimal light spectrums and nutrient mixes. They reduce loss from pests, diseases and weather and encourage higher yields. We also save 90% more water than other systems and are environmentally friendly. 

They have already been actively been working in the community, partnering with Blind Center of Nevada and establishing a community outreach effort. 

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