Beat the Summer Heat In Las Vegas: Boba/Bubble Tea

Boba Bubble Tea

It's HOT today! But there are many ways to cool off here in Las Vegas.

Today we are highlighting a few places around Las Vegas where you can get boba (or bubble) tea! Head to one of these places this weekend and beat the heat.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list, so let us know what your favorite place is!

brew TEA BAR

Honey boba? Lychee jelly? Milk tea, iced tea or slushies? Take your pick from all these options plus so many more!

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Chewy Boba Tea

Try a variety of yummy drinks like milk tea, flavored tea, slushies, smoothies and so much more! Enjoy honey boba or mini boba.

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Itea Boba and Dessert

From flavored milk teas and flavored teas to slushes and sodas, this places offers a variety of ways to quench your thirst.

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Kung Fu Tea

Classic teas, milk teas, slushes, punch - this place has just about any flavor combination you can think of. Enjoy one of their house-made bubbles!

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Mixers Ice Cream & Boba

Add boba, coconut or rainbow jelly, or one of several varieties of popping boba to whatever your drink preference is! This place offers milk tea, juice, flavored milk and so much more!

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Perfect Scoop Ice Cream and Boba

Try one of their bubble milks, fruit teas, slushes, or smoothies! Need a bit of a caffeine boost? They recently added lattes and frozen coffee drinks to their menu!

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Sno Tiger Shave Ice, Boba Tea, Roll Ice Cream & Dessert

This place may be a bit hard to find on social media, but from the reviews we have seen it is worth tracking down! Head on over to Pebble and Eastern and try a boba tea!

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