Nearly 25,000 Fireworks Complaints Made In Las Vegas Area During July 4th

This year Clark County introduced a new website to submit complaints about illegal fireworks. Complaints could be made on, where reports of illegal fireworks could be made anonymously, if desired. 

According to the county, the number of complaints made this year was almost 25,000, up substantially from about 5,000 from last year. The county admits that it was impossible to reach all complaints but law enforcement was out in force, confiscating numerous illegal fireworks and writing tickets. Their efforts can be seen on social media with the #YouLightItWeWriteIt hashtag.

Clark County also admits that they learned many lessons last night that they will use next year when it comes to enforcement. However, they also admit that it was the most extensive effort in more than 20 years for tracking down and ticketing those using illegal fireworks.