Beat the Summer Heat In Las Vegas: Iced Coffee

It's HOT today! But there are many ways to cool off here in Las Vegas.

Today we are highlighting a few places around Las Vegas where you can grab an iced coffee. Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Dutch Bros are always easily accessible options, but we have some suggestions on locally owned or small chain coffee shops to get your iced (or blended!) coffee fix.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list, so let us know what your favorite place is!

Bad Owl Coffee

From Nitrobrew to Kyoto (traditional Japanese iced coffee) to cold brew, or fun flavors like biscoff cookie, butter brew (butterscotch) or Nutella, this local coffee shop that has a bit of a Harry Potter theme is sure to delight! They recently opened a second location! 

Find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for drink ideas or specials!

Grouchy John's

This coffee shop offers iced coffees, iced Americanos, iced chai tea lattes and many more iced options. Try one of their specialty drinks like the PB&J (peanut butter and raspberry syrup), Shirley Temple of Doom (matcha green tea smoothie with Maraschino cherries), Chewbacca (Trader Joe’s cookie butter and dark chocolate sauce) and many more!

Follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for their newest creations and their 50% off specials!

The Human Bean

Although it's a chain, with one location currently in town this drive-thru coffee shop makes our list. It offers frozen coffee drinks such as the Granita or a Low Carb option as well as many teas and Italian sodas. They also have 2 drive-thru windows!

Joe Maxx Coffee Company

This small chain coffee shop (only 5 locations nationwide and we happen to have one of them) offers cold brew iced coffees, iced Americanos, iced mochas, iced lattes and specialty blended drinks such as the Black & Tan or Cookies & Cream.

Follow them on Facebook for their latest specials and events!

The Madhouse Coffee

This 24 hour coffee shop offers drinks like an iced white mocha, Mad Cow (hazelnut latte), iced caramel latte and blended drinks like a Cake Batter Mocha, Grasshopper (mocha & mint), Mad Max (mocha with chocolate covered coffee beans) and many more!

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

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