Free "Adulting 101" Classes Being Held At Boulder City Library

Adulting is hard... but Boulder City Library is here to help! The library will be hosting a series of classes called "Adulting 101".  

While the title is pretty tongue-in-cheek, the classes actually cover many money-saving skills that are sometimes no longer taught in school or at home. The classes will be on topics such as budgeting, sewing, and food preparation (such as coffee to replace those expensive Starbucks runs). Classes will be on Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the library in Boulder City and available to those who are ages 16+.

The first class is "Fancy Ramen" and will be held Tuesday, June 12th. The class will show ways to fancy-up those cheap packets of ramen - a perfect solution for college kids or those on a tight budget!

The second class is "Personal Finances" and will be Tuesday, June 19th. This class will be put on by Boulder Dam Credit Union and will teach attendees how to manage their finances.

Future classes include "Simple Sewing", "Crafting the Perfect Coffee" and "Ice Cream, You Scream". You can sign up for these classes at the Information Desk at the library or by calling 702-293-1281.

For dates and times of the upcoming classes, click HERE or head to the library's Facebook page.

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