Happy 113th Birthday Las Vegas!

Did you know that today Las Vegas turned 113? It was on this day in 1905 that a land auction took place that formed Las Vegas. The land auction celebrated today sold off the areas between Stewart and Garces, Main and Fifth (the name was changed to Las Vegas Blvd. in 1959). Much of Downtown is part of the original Las Vegas townsite that was platted by William Clark (another townsite was platted by J. T. McWilliams in what is now known as the Historic Westside).

There are remnants of the earlier days of Las Vegas, if you know where to look: Woodlawn Cemetery (also established in 1905), Fremont Street (which was the first paved street in Las Vegas), Golden Gate Casino (originally built in 1905 - the old 4-story part of this building is from 1931), the Victory/Lincoln Hotel (built in 1910), Las Vegas Academy (the old Las Vegas High School that was built in 1930), The Mob Museum (originally the post office and courthouse that was built in 1933), the Historic Huntridge Theater (1944), and so much more!

If you want to find out more about historic Las Vegas, check out the following places: