We Feel Tired Three Days a Week . . . Here's How We Try to Deal with It

 Do you know anyone who NEVER seems tired? If so, I'm not saying that they should be kidnapped by government scientists to be studied and probed . . . but I'm also not NOT saying that.

According to the National Sleep Foundation's annual Sleep in America survey, the average person feels tired at least three days a week. And only 16% of people say they rarely ever feel tired.

58% of people say being tired affects their mood . . . 55% say it can make them irritable . . . and 33% say it makes them feel sick.

So how do we try to cope when we're tired? The eight most common things we do are:

Try to shake it off . . . get some fresh air . . . drink coffee . . . take a nap . . . drink a soda or other drink with caffeine . . . eat some sugar . . . chew gum . . . and take a stimulant, either one that was prescribed or we bought over-the-counter. 

(PR Newswire)

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