What Are the Top Things That Stress You Out as a Parent?

The average parent reaches their limit six times a day, according to a recent poll. So what's the #1 thing that can stress you out about your kids? Here are the top ten answers . . .

1. When they get sick. Because you have to take care of them . . . it's extra work . . . and you know they'll probably get YOU sick.

2. Getting them to sleep at night. Especially young kids.

3. Getting them to eat certain foods.

4. Getting them off their phone, or away from the TV.

5. Convincing them to clean their bedroom.

6. Making them brush their teeth.

7. Meal times in general.

8. Getting them out of bed and ready in the morning.

9. Getting them to school on time.

10. Getting them dressed. The survey also found that FIVE is the most stressful age for kids. 

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