The Most Peaceful Hiking Trail In Nevada

Hiking the Kissimmee Prairie

Photo: Getty Images

People are drawn to hiking for various reasons, including finding solace in nature's tranquility. Hiking offers a unique blend of physical challenge and mental rejuvenation, creating a genuine connection between individuals searching for a temporary escape and the great outdoors. Whether seeking adventure, stress relief or a break from the digital work, the allure of hiking lies in the simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other and discovering the beauty that unfolds along the trail.

The Travel Awaits staff chose their favorite hikes in all 50 states:

“Whether you’re an avid hiker or are considering hitting a trail for the first time, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of best hikes in all 50 states to inspire you. From the Pacific Northwest to New England, Alaska to Florida, and prairies, coasts, canyons, hoodoos, overlooks, and caves in between, our travel experts share the best hike in your state and those you’re hoping to tick off your bucket list.”

The best hike in Nevada is Alpine Lakes Loop Trail in Great Basin National Park in Baker:

“Alpine Lakes Loop Trail in Great Basin National Park is hard to beat,” Barks remarks. “Right from the trailhead, you’re treated to the sweet sound of trickling water from the creek that crosses the trail numerous times. But the real treasures of the hike are the two lakes — Stella and Teresa — that you pass along the way.”

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