The Most Popular Cocktail In Nevada Is One Every Local Must Try

In Fort de France, a couple celebrating with each a Martinican rum cocktail in their hand.

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Cocktails, to many enthusiasts, are so much more than beverages. They're a crafted art form that elevates social experiences. Beyond taste, they symbolize celebration and sophistication, transforming gatherings into memorable events. With a rich history and endless possibilities for creativity, cocktails captivate individuals seeking unique, personalized and culturally significant drinking experiences.

Real Data discovered the most popular cocktail in every state, according to Google search data:

"According to recent Google search data, Americans love a wide variety of cocktails, including classics like margaritas and martinis, as well as more niche choices such as a tequila sunrise or a White Russian. Not surprisingly, favorite cocktails vary based on where you live.
In fact, based on a study conducted by London-based alcohol company Drinks House 247, which analyzed Google search interest data from every state in the last 12 months to determine which types of cocktails were the subject of the most searches, margaritas tend to be an East Coast favorite, while daiquiris reign supreme in the South. 'The study reveals not just the diversity of cocktail preferences across the United States, but also shines a light on the underlying alcohol of choice,' explained Reza Zadeh founder of Drinks House 247. 'From the cosmopolitan appeal of the cosmopolitan in Nevada, Rhode Island, and Utah, to the classic allure of the martini in Kentucky, it's clear that vodka is the country's most universally favored base liquor.'

In Nevada, the most preferred cocktail is Cosmopolitan:

"Popular in the early aughts (thanks, Sex and the City!) the cosmopolitan is still the drink of choice in Nevada, Rhode Island, and Utah."

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