This Is The Highest-Rated Hot Dog Restaurant In Las Vegas

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Today is National Hot Dog Day, which gives you the perfect excuse to go out and try the highest-rated hot dogs in town.

So where is that, exactly?

According to Yelp, one restaurant in Las Vegas takes the crown as the best hot dogs in the area.

With four out of five stars and lots of reviews, CrunCheese Korean Hotdog came out on top.

One Yelp review for the restaurant states:

"Ahhhhh!! This was the only place I was looking forward to eat in Vegas. This joint makes the hot dogs fresh for you, and gives you different sauce combinations on your hot dog! I got the mozzarella and sausage hot dog and literally came back for a second time the next day. Their watermelon lemonade was also very refreshing and I would definitely recommend it if you already haven't gotten your boba! Can't wait to come back - already thinking of it!"

According to Yelp, here are the top 10 hot dog restaurants in the Las Vegas area.

  1. CrunCheese Korean Hotdog
  2. Dirt Dog- Las Vegas Strip
  3. The Steamie Weenie
  4. Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs
  5. To Be Frank
  6. Dirt Dog- Las Vegas
  7. Mom's Hot Dogs
  8. Windy City Beefs N Dogs
  9. Phyto's Vegan Eats
  10. Tacos Y Hot Dogs Sonora

Click here to see the full list.

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