Chester Bennington's Old Band Grey Daze Talks Upcoming Tribute Album

Before his untimely death in 2017, Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was planning a reunion with his first band, Grey Daze, as well as celebrate the band's 20th anniversary with a reunion show.

After he passed away, the band wanted to tribute Bennington with a collection of music.

Fans learned in February 2019 that Grey Daze began re-recording old material in his honor featuring vocals from Bennington's Son, Jaime. By December of last year, the band confirmed it would release an album in Bennington's honor.

Grey Daze's drummer, Sean Dowdell, recently spoke with Kerrang! about the music and what fans can expect to hear from the album.

“There is a depth in the lyrics on this record. Chester sings every word like he believes every single emotion attached. It’s bittersweet for me,” Dowdell explained. "There’s that big, obvious looming thing that he’s not here to share this with me. But I’m very proud in how we curated this music. We took almost three years to make this record after he passed. I think he’d be quite proud of what we did.”

The Grey Daze drummer also went on to discuss Bennington's writing process and his connection with music and lyrics. 

“He and I had a connection in writing music together. We loved to write lyrics because we both have a talent to express emotional intent. I just got him on that level,” he said. “I could tell what he was trying to convey and I could help shape it. He was a genius in the ability to express his emotions into metaphor.”

A release date for the album is still unknown, but hopefully it won't be too long.

Photo: Getty Images