Here's Why Dave Grohl Doesn't Have Any Social Media Accounts

These days it's hard to find a celebrity or musician without a social media account, right? Well, you may have noticed one that is without any is Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl! But, why is that? What gives? I mean Dave is absolutely hilarious live on stage! It would be fun to see his thoughts on life and to get some nuggets about new music!

Well, in a new interview with comedian Whitney Cummings (for her podcast) he's revealed just why he's not active on any sort of social media.

So why? Well, he just likes to "hide from the world a lot."

“Well, I understand that it can be useful when you want people to know stuff. So, like, if we make a song, then if we put it on there, then people will know we have a new song. But I don’t necessarily feel the need to tell everyone when I’m taking a sh*t or whatever. But I get it – I understand why people would. But it’s not really my thing.”

Fair enough! Check out the full podcast:

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