The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmitt Unveils "The Good Fight" With Sheryl Crow

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Timothy B. Schmit makes no mistake of where he's coming from on his new politically-charged solo single "The Good Fight," featuring immaculate guest vocals from Sheryl Crow.

At just a little shy of 8-minutes, the Eagles bassist's groovy protest duet dances around current events and political toxicity with clever allusions and turns of phrase.

His first new solo release since 2016's Leap of Faith, Schmit admits straightaway in the lyrics that he's "lean[ing] from the left," but it's only to "do what's right."

In a statement accompanying the track, Schmit said, "There couldn't be any better time than right now to release this."

Schmit's bass groove leads the song onward, as his lyrics preach kindness, open-heartedness and action to fight problems like climate change, corruption and misogyny.

Hear the song via the player above!

Schmit did not clarify whether "The Good Fight" is connected to an upcoming full-length album. He'll be busy for much of next year on tour with the Eagles.

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