9-Year-Old Blows Off Some Steam With Drum Cover Of Nirvana's "In Bloom"

There's not much 9-year-old drummer Nandi Bushell would rather do than play the drums, and that passion is what's making a new video of her covering Nirvana's "In Bloom" go viral.

In a recent upload to her social accounts, Bushell (who performed with Lenny Kravitz this summer) waves her sticks in the air and shrieks with delight as she locks into Dave Grohl's groove from the 1991 recording.

"I can jam to Nirvana 'In Bloom' all day!" Bushell wrote in the video caption. "I LOVE NIRVANA. Nirvana are in my top 5 bands so far."

Check out Bushell's video in the player above or here.

Prior to recording 1991's Nevermind, Kurt Cobain once called producer Butch Vig just to rave about the fact that the band had just hired "the best drummer in the world."

And indeed, despite Grohl's success as frontman of the Foo Fighters, he's most influential as a drummer. There's an undeniable joy in his drumming that's enough to inspire anyone to want to bash away at the kit.

Bushell clearly gets it. Even, the usually humble Grohl said he got chills the last time he performed the iconic drums fills for "In Bloom" for an audience.

Photo: Getty Images