Deep Purple at House of Blues Las Vegas

Deep Purple: The Long Goodbye Tour is at House of Blues Las Vegas on Saturday, September 14th at 7:30pm.

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With a body of work spanning seven decades, Deep Purple has helped pioneer and define the hard rock genre while progressively moving into new areas to keep their sound fresh and attract new fans to the legions who have remained loyal since the band’s inception. Known as one of the hardest working bands ever, Purple has released six studio albums since 1996 alone and has toured globally since forming in 1968 with little rest. In 2007 (almost 40 years after being formed) the band performed 40 dates in France to an audience of 150,000 while this summer, across the US and Canada, the band partnered with fellow hard rockers Judas Priest embarking on a wildly successful 25 city tour.

Purple has stayed true to its musical roots taking from an eclectic mix of styles to create a distinctive sound that defines the band today, but which in turn, has created a legacy that very few bands could ever hope to replicate. The band has written and produced so many classic songs that its audience ranges widely in age and background, something the band has embraced and caters to, with its concert set lists. Having sold more than 100 million albums and filled global arenas for decades, its little wonder respected British radio station Planet Rock named the group the 5th Most Influential Band Ever, while VH1 ranked them No. 22 on its Greatest Artists of Hard Rock list. Additionally, Deep Purple was given the Legend Award at the 2008 World Music Awards and, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

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