Mick Jagger Gets A Brand New Mattress 'Broken In' For Him At Every Hotel

On The Set Of 'Performance'

Getting the details of a celebrity's unique demands or contract rider is always fascinating.

Most demands amount to humble comforts and reminders of home — flowers, food or a particular brand of booze. Foo Fighters fill their tour rider with jokes. Other artists are more calculating: Van Halen's famous David Lee Roth-era M&M's demand — NO brown ones — was merely a means for Roth to discern whether the other aspects of the band's contract were being upheld by the venue.

But Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger's particular ask when checking into a hotel is not just one of the more expensive demands we've heard of, it's also a dream for anyone who's ever been uneasy about the cleanliness of their room.

Hotels must begin preparing for Jagger's arrival at least a day before he gets in. A source tells The Daily Mail that Mick "always asks for a new mattress in his room, no matter how posh the hotel."

There's more.

"But he insists the plastic wrapping stays on while someone sleeps for one night on the mattress to break it in," the source added.

That's a guy who knows how to travel. The source clarified that Jagger knows the importance of a good night sleep and simply wants to ensure that he's at his best for every performance.

The famously fit frontman also reportedly travels everywhere with a private chef who prepares most of his meals. Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwiches, not included.

Jagger is currently on the North American 'No Filter' tour with The Rolling Stones. After having to postpone the beginning of the trek to recover from a heart valve replacement, the music icon has been wowing audiences with the same energy and stage presence for which he's always been known.

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Photo: Getty Images