RHCP Woodstock '94 Setlist!

This week's the 25th anniversary of Red Hot Chili Peppers (with Dave Navarro) 's performance at Woodstock '94...dressed up as light bulbs! Oh you didn't know that happened? Yes. It happened. And It's crazy watching this video to see how they could barely move in these costumes.

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“I think it’s no surprise that it was very uncomfortable in that,” Navarro tells Yahoo Entertainment/SiriusXM Volume. “See, we were at a rehearsal, and [Chili Peppers frontman] Anthony [Kiedis] had this concept: ‘What if we had light bulbs on our heads?’ ‘Yeah, that’s cool. Like, we used to do the flame hats. This is much simpler. There’s no flames!’ And, it was totallySpinal Tap— like, he drew it on a napkin or on a piece of paper, and we handed it to these guys, and none of us saw the actual prop until we were 10 minutes away from going onstage, in front of a festival audience, cameras, satellite productions. And, we put these things on, and they each were about 60 pounds. And they didn’t stay on your head straight, you know? And then, in addition to that, I had to walk out and debut with these guys. I’d been in the band for about five minutes.”