Woodstock denied permit at new proposed site

We're starting to see some slight indications that the Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival possibly won't happen- and it's probably time promoter Michael Lang just threw in the towel.

It's been obvious for a long time that the show is not happening, while promoter Michael Lang seems to be the last to accept it, though I admire his grit and determination!

In the latest low to the Woodstock 50 festival, they've been denied a permit for their current proposed site, Vernon Downs, in Vernon, New York. And, while they have 5 days to appeal the permit refusal,Varietyreports that Oneida County Administrator Anthony Picente Jr says it's 'highly unlikely' the festival will happen there, as a result of a town meeting where residents showed resistance and the local head of emergency service calling the festival a 'recipe for disaster.'

Stick a fork in it Woodstock!

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