Blink-182 Will Release EP AFTER New Album?

While we anxiously await the newBlink-182album (which we hear has 15 tracks), fans will be glad to know that's not all we're getting from the band this year!

According to drummerTravis Barkerafter the album is released, the band will also be putting out an EP!

While onKerwin Frost Talks,Travis discussed an unreleased song the band did with rapperLil Uzi Vert,and that's where the revelation came about.

“Blink just did a song with Uzi. That’s the most mind-blowing thing ever — with Pharrell. It’s not gonna come out on the album — it’s gonna come out probably on the EP that comes later this year."

Pretty awesome, right? While there's no more details about the new album's release date, or how soon after we'll get the EP we will always welcome more Blink! Check out the video:

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