Confirmed: Foo Fighters 'My Hero' about Kurt Cobain

Check this out via Alternative Nation:Just in case you were always wondering, it's pretty much confirmed here that Foo Fighters 'My Hero' is about Kurt Cobain.

In an interview with Warren Huart on Produce Like A Pro, recording engineer Bradley Cook touched on putting together the legendary Foo Fighters track My Hero and his work with Dave Grohl. He also revealed that the iconic Foo Fighters song is about the death of Grohl’s fellow Nirvana brethren, Kurt Cobain. Grohl has been secretive about the song’s meaning despite speculation for years. Alternative Nation transcribed Cook’s comments.

Huart: So, My Hero, what can you tell us about this track?

Cook: It’s about Kurt Cobain.

Huart: Oh it is, oh I never knew that.

Cook: That’s what he [Grohl] told me, yeah. The cool thing about this is that he wanted to do double drums, like let’s do double drums on this. So we had recorded the first set in the cement drum room, then we moved the double drums to the back parking garage where was a big stage. We just got such a huge sound out of it, it was such a massive room and with those tom-toms coming, you can hear that parking garage.

Huart: So it’s two drum kits?

Cook: Yeah, did you not know that?

Huart: No, I do now. [laughs]

Cook: Yeah and it’s no pro-tool so it’s all on tape. Just to tell you how tight he is with himself.

Huart: So it’s two drum kits?

Huart: Yeah, twenty-four tracks too. So, I must have busted him down to a smaller amount of tracks. The second kit was busted down to kicks in their top kit room or something.

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