9-year-old kid rips solo of GNR 'Sweet Child Of Mine' on Ellen

It's mind blowing a 9-year-old is able to kind of replicate the guitar working's of Slash...but this kid did that and so much more.Australia's Taj Farrantwas on a new episode ofThe Ellen Degeneres Showairing today (March 19) and he played someGN'R 'Sweet Child O' Mine'.

"You’re all about to get your minds blown. We meet a lot of talented kids on this show. Our next guest is truly something special. He's an incredible guitar prodigy who can play Prince, Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses like no one else I've heard," said Degeneres before the curtains parted and Farrant began playing the solo to "Sweet Child O' Mine."

Playing along to a cover version backing track,watch this kid effortlessly rip trough the solo.PS- he's only been playing for 2 years.


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