Switchfoot at Topgolf Las Vegas

Switchfoot will be at Topgolf Las Vegas on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 7:00pm. Standing room only general admission tickets are $27 (plus fees) in advance. Tickets will be $32 the day of the show. 

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After 10 albums, multiple hit singles, millions of records sold, a GRAMMY Award and 20 years of touring, in late 2017, SWITCHFOOT put the brakes on. The successful release and tour for their most recent album, WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH, had concluded, and the San Diego-based quintet decided to take a long deserved, much needed hiatus.

Their goals? To think on difficult, important questions about the band and themselves personally, including: “Why are we doing this?” The answers weren’t long in coming and are musically evident in the 14 remarkable songs that make up NATIVE TONGUE, a creative juggernaut spawned by singer Jon Foreman’s realization that the answer to “why?” was to “pursue joy.”

Joy became the paramount goal in his life and music. “Joy is an incredible motivator,” says Jon: “It’s only to be found in the moment, not in the past or future. That’s what music is to us: The ever-present joy of the ever-present now.” NATIVE TONGUE marks the 11th record since 1997’s debut, THE LEGEND OF CHIN, which started SWITCHFOOT on a path of critical and fan acclaim for albums including 2003’s multi-platinum breakthrough THE BEAUTIFUL LETDOWN, the GRAMMY award-winning HELLO HURRICANE (2009), and FADING WEST, which was also the name of a documentary on the band. Approaching the music on NATIVE TONGUE with kid-like enthusiasm combined with the years spent honing their craft makes NATIVE TONGUE a rare gem. “We channeled Queen, ELO, the Kinks; our favorite albums from the past. Albums with guitar solos,” laughs Jon, who says, “I’d play solos over and over just because they were fun! But we didn’t want to make a throwback album, and Brent was great at marrying the sensibility of our roots with the present and beyond. We took fun risks.” Those risks paid off in songs that the listener can interact with on multiple levels. If NATIVE TONGUE’s tunes are approachable and memorable, the album also has a heady goal. NATIVE TONGUE is, Jon says, ‘An attempt to be a loving embrace of all the human souls who have been weighed down by the times. It’s a chance for all of us to be reminded of what brings us together, not what tears us apart. My hope, for this record,” Jon concludes, “is that it would be a reminder that there are new streams available for us to travel down, and that hatred is not our language, love is our native tongue."


After the success of his debut self-titled EP, Colin Rigsby, A.K.A. Vesperteen, continues to turn heads. His non-stop touring around the world keep him connected with his passionate fanbase, often referred to as “The Vesperteam”. His fan base is known to line up and down the block to watch the alt-pop Artist perform his electrifying live show. Rigsby, who performs standing up at a glowing drum-kit while singing, has been performing as Vesperteen since 2015 when he launched the solo project following his run as the drummer of House of Heroes. In 2018, three years after the release of the ‘Vesperteen EP’ which included the smash single "Shatter In The Night", Rigsby returned to the studio to create his sophomore EP ‘The Hype Is Dead’. Inspired by his desire to create music that is will meaningfully connect with people in a lasting and timeless way. The independently released 7 track EP showcases Vesperteen's diverse alt-pop songwriting and production styles. With just two EP's released thus far, Vesperteen has already garnered over 3 million streams on Spotify and touts over 50,000 highly engaged fans across social media platforms - all as an independent artist.

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