Green Day Side Project Foxboro Hot Tubs Returning?

Even when Green Day isnt' working...well, they're still working!

A few years back the band's three members combined with some of their touring members and roadies to form new garage rock band Foxboro Hot Tubs, and released an album in 2008!

Though there's been rumors we'd hear from them again, it seems like that will be happening soon!

How so? Well, interestingly enough, it seems that it was frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's newest side project The Longshot that broke the news!

Yup...the band posted a photo of Foxboro Hot Tubs' lone album to their Instagram with the caption: 

"Next week Jumping in some rehearsal time with these big lugs...#gimmiegimmiegimmiegimmiegimmiegimmie"

Hmmm...does that mean new music is on the way?? LOOK:

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