Did Jack White Almost Play Lead in 'A Star Is Born'?

(Photo: Getty Images)

"A Star Is Born" is one of the biggest movies of the year with a great acting job by Bradley Cooper in the lead role as a singer.

But...did the part almost go to someone else?

Cooper also directed the movie, and has revealed in a new interview that the part was ALMOST played by someone else that we know well.

In a new profile by Variety on Lady Gaga (who's in the movie), they also talk with Bradley who says he originally wanted "an actual musician” to play Jackson Maine like Gaga does in the movie. The reason why they didn't end up doing that? "The studio wouldn’t make the movie with him."


But who is it?

According to an unnamed source also quoted in the article, none other than Jack White!

While it wouldn't be the first time Jack would have acted in a movie, seeing him in this role definitely would have changed it completely, right?

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