Chicago: Live in Vegas

Chicago was inducted into the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was  a long time coming, as this was their first nomination, even though  they’ve been eligible since 1994.

Chicago have toured every year since the beginning - they’ve never  missed a year. The original four band members are Robert Lamm on  keyboards and vocals, Lee Loughnane on trumpet and vocals, James Pankow  on trombone and Walt Parazaider on woodwinds. The band line-up also  includes Tris Imboden on drums, Keith Howland on guitar and vocals, Lou  Pardini on keyboards and vocals, Ray Herrmann on sax and flute, Walfredo  Reyes, Jr. on percussion and Jeff Coffey on bass and vocals.

From the signature sound of the Chicago horns, their iconic  Vocalists, and a few dozen of ever-Classic Songs, this band’s concerts  are celebrations. 2019 marks the band’s 52nd consecutive year of  touring, without missing a single concert date.

Tickets can be purchased at any Venetian or Palazzo Box office or by calling 702.414.9000 or 866.641.7469. 


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