Foo Fighters Have Been Offered Super Bowl Slot Multiple Times

Photo: Getty Images

Last week it was announced that Maroon 5 will be playing this year's Super Bowl half time show. 

While this isn't a terrible choice, my question was "Why not the Foo Fighters?" Well, now that question has been answered! 

In a new interview the band says they've actually been offered the gig multiple times! 

So why haven't we seen them rocking out??

Frontman Dave Grohl says:

“I’ve had multiple conversations over the years with them where they say, ‘We want to have a rock and roll band. Do you think you could do it? Do you think you could do a stadium?’ I was like, ‘Yeah man, we do it all the time."

“We’re like, ‘Oh my god, I think we’re gonna do the Super Bowl!’ And then it’ll be Madonna or Katy Perry  or someone like that.”

Did they also do something else to hurt their chances?

“I actually got really hammered at the party in France once, and got to meet the dude that does the Super Bowl thing. I was like, ‘I don’t even want to do the Super Bowl! I used to want to do it. Now I don’t want to do it anymore!’

Then drummer Taylor Hawkins added:

“Not to be negative on Maroon 5, but [the Super Bowl] always seems to be the final chapter in your career.”

To which Dave responded:

“We’re just trying to come up with excuses why we haven’t done it.”

Hah! Whatever is stopping this from being a thing, let's make it happen! 

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