Original Aerosmith Tour Bus Found by 'American Pickers'

HOW COOL IS THIS?! Aerosmith’s original tour van has been found (nearly 40 years later) in Massachusetts, by the “American Pickers” History channel program in Western Massachusetts, on a property in Chesterfield. (check out the picture here)

Read more via Newsweek:

“American Pickers” hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz got a top that the original tour van used by the band Aerosmith, founded in Boston in 1970, was sitting on a property in western Massachusetts, according to masslive.com. The “American Pickers” purchased the van, a 1960s International Harvester Metro Van, for a $25,000. “Apparently, the van was on the property when the current owner, only identified as Phil, purchased the land a few years back,” the news site reported. “The pickers showed up in Chesterfield and met the owner, who told them the original owner of the van had a connection to the property, but he didn't have many details beyond that.”