Original Aerosmith Tour Bus Found by 'American Pickers'

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HOW COOL IS THIS?! Aerosmith’s original tour van has been found (nearly 40 years later) in Massachusetts, by the “American Pickers” History channel program in Western Massachusetts, on a property in Chesterfield. (check out the picture here)

Read more via Newsweek:

“American Pickers” hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz got a top that the original tour van used by the band Aerosmith, founded in Boston in 1970, was sitting on a property in western Massachusetts, according to masslive.com. The “American Pickers” purchased the van, a 1960s International Harvester Metro Van, for a $25,000. “Apparently, the van was on the property when the current owner, only identified as Phil, purchased the land a few years back,” the news site reported. “The pickers showed up in Chesterfield and met the owner, who told them the original owner of the van had a connection to the property, but he didn't have many details beyond that.”


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