Blink-182 were Supposed to Play Warped Tour '18

With this being the final year of Warped Tour, the traveling festival is pulling out all the stops to make it memorable! 

This includes bringing on some special guest bands on specific dates that helped make the tour what it was throughout the years like All Time Low, Ryan Key of Yellowcard, Sum 41, and more!

When it was first announced that this was the end, many speculated that Blink-182 would be involved as they were there at the start. As it turns out, they almost were a part of it until very recently.

Someone left an Instagram comment on the Warped Tour account asking about special guests, and someone responded letting it slip that Blink was very close to playing in some sort of capacity. That was until drummer Travis Barker had to go into the hospital due to blood clots in his arms!

BUMMER! How cool would that have been??

Maybe the tour will surprise us with some other guests along the way?

Look at the comment from the tour:

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