Phil Collins unveils 7 new sculptures at the Alamo

Phil Collins...just hangin out at The Alamo....UNVEILING SCULPTURES.  WTF? This is cool, and random, and REALLY AWESOME.

Phil Collins has a well known affection for The Alamo, and he's even donated his own collection of artifacts to the city of Texas. He was in San Antonio on Monday unveiling 7 new sculptures at The Alamo.

Check out the full story below via ABC local KSAT

Collins’ affection for the Alamo is well-known. Four years ago, Collins gave his incredible collection of Alamo artifacts to the people of Texas.The new bronze sculptures were commissioned by sculptor George Nelson and are located at the front of the Alamo. “They add visual representations of what the Alamo looked like at different periods in its history because it has changed substantially over time,” said Bryan Preston, Texas General Land Office. “Second thing they do is kind of a neat side part. Visually impaired people now can come to the Alamo and for the first time they can use their tactile senses to feel what the Alamo looks like."Collins' artifact collection will be displayed in a museum planned to be built across from the Alamo. It’s part of the Alamo master plan to enhance Alamo Plaza.

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