Merleyn Monroe

Back in November, 164 pomeranians were rescued from U-Haul truck in Sandy Valley (close to Las Vegas). A backyard breeder hid the dogs  and left them on the side of the road, after learning her property would  be searched. When they were found, they didn't have food, water or  ventilation for about 36 hours.

The dogs made their way  to the Animal Foundation. After being released from their legal hold,  getting medical treatment and grooming....the poms finally got to go to  to thier Furever Homes last weekend.

One of those  pomeranians got adopted by one of our iHeartRadio staff members! She's a blue merle colored pomeranian who is now named...Merleyn Monroe!

She was nervous and shaking on the first night and didn't know how to walk on a leash. After just 10 days... she's loving walks and all her new dog-friends (3 rescues from Animal Foundation). 

Nowadays, Merleyn goes to brunch, gets her hair brushed daily, has lots of outfits to wear and sleeps in a GOLD bed!

Check out her photos below or on her Instagram @MerleynMonroe

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